Halal Cosmetics Industry is shrinking?

    Definitely not. Infact, it is estimated to grow to an estimated whopping value of USD 89 billion in the year 2023! That’s a pretty awesome figure. The halal cosmetic industry has never been shrinking, and a figure that we’re looking back at 2015 was USD 16.32 billion globally. Not a small number indeed.


    It is definitely caused by the raise of awareness among consumers to adopt a vegan based, natural and organic products. Various campaign that shows and proof of how easy cancer can spread from cosmetics products as well might contribute to this fact.

    Interesting fact that halal products were not only consumed by Muslim society, but it has been adopted by other religion all over the world. As the term “HALAL” doesnt necessary be exclusively for Muslims only. HALAL products means that it is created with safe ingredients while the way its being processed are using the methods that known to be good practices. This is where the GMP or Good Manufacturing Procedure came into picture. Halal beauty products symbolizes safety, cleanliness, hygiene and free from animal derived substances

    Most manufacturers for cosmetics products are now aware of the demand of the market, and has shifted the ingredients of their products from animal derived to be vegan based, and no testing towards animals are being done as well. Which may infact, contribute to the vast grow of the industry.

    Not to mention that the increasing number of consumers gaining higher education level is probably another factor of the trend shifting to use safe & high quality products.

    Nevertheless, the raising of marketing campaign throughout social media platform has as well play a key role on promoting halal cosmetics product on a global scale.

    So, are you supporting a halal cosmetics products? If you are not, you should start to be one.

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